I have been fascinated by the idea of chaos theory since I read about the butterfly effect. I read some more about it in the book ‘Chaos’ by James Gleick including about the Mandelbrot. But until I read ‘Make your own Mandelbrot’ by Tariq Rashid I did not realize just how simple the equation to draw the Mandelbrot was.

This is the innocuous looking equation that generates the awesome Mandelbrot Set.

Mandelbrot Formula

A slight change in the input to the same equation will give the Julia set. …

Book Review — Building Machine Learning Powered Applications by Emmanuel Ameisen

I found this book a bit frustrating to follow.

Wherever the code is shown in the book and a link provided — it is to the main github repo and not to the individual jupyter notebook or python code. Nor was the filename mentioned beneath the code snippet.

Not a deal breaker but it is frustrating.


  • Covers a lot of theory on building a machine learning application
  • You build a ML Editor that gives recommendations
  • Important concepts are illustrated in specific notebooks
  • Incremental changes to the model for better…

Milestones / Accomplishments of year 2020

Certifications -

  1. VCA-DBT Certification
  2. VCP — vSphere Fundamentals
  3. VCP Cloud Management and Automation

Projects -

  1. Self-updating readme, tech blog, analytics, TILs (all using only github)
  2. Hacktoberfest
  3. Calendar 2021

Study -

  1. Python Machine Learning by Sebastian Raschka
  2. Hands on Machine Learning by Aurelien Geron
  3. Grokking Deep Learning by Andrew Trask
  4. Grokking Algorithms by Aditya Bhargava

Non-fiction books -

  1. Code — Charles Petzold
  2. Why We Sleep
  3. Digital Minimalism — Cal Newport
  4. Visual Display of Quantitaive Data — Edward Tufte
  5. Art of War — Sun Tzu
  6. Invisible Women — Caroline Criado Perez
  7. Samadhi — SantataGamana
  8. 97 things every programmer must know — Kevlin Henney
  9. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
  10. Think and Grow Rich

Slowly I have increased the amount of reading I do; with emphasis on non-fiction reading. It is not about number of pages or books but it is good to see the progress via goodread’s year in review.

2020 Year in Books

2019 Year in Books

Book Review — Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel & Blake Masters

I have a mixed view of this book. On one hand I loved the simple questions that any person who wants to build a start-up should consider. The questions seem simple; they are not simplistic. On the other hand — I expected more depth. More examples and more rigorous study. That is perhaps not a fair expectation though. After all, the author is writing from his experience and not from an academic point of view.

My thoughts on the various points mentioned in the book -

‘Every moment in business happens only once.’

I agree on this. However, it is difficult to guard against being too early…

Grokking Algorithms by Aditya Bhargava
Grokking Algorithms by Aditya Bhargava
Grokking Algorithms by Aditya Bhargava

The word ‘grokking’ refers to ‘understand (something) intuitively or by empathy’ and it is the intuition part that this book attempts to impart via some really awesome illustrations.

First off — this is not a book for people who have completed Computer Science or have learnt algorithms. However it IS a wonderful book for beginners or as is mentioned on the cover ‘for curious people’.

The chapter on dynamic programming alone makes this book highly worth reading.

Pros -

  • Very easy to understand and grasp the underlying intuition
  • Everyday relatable examples of the algorithm usage
  • The high quality illustrations
  • Written in a…

Things to make and do in the fourth dimension — Matt Parker
Things to make and do in the fourth dimension — Matt Parker

Math is stranger than fiction and this book is filled with the many curiosities of the math world. It contains a glimpse into its intriguing lanes in an entertaining manner along with optional hands-on activities to enjoy.

Each chapter is not so much in depth that it is akin to a text book but just enough to get you started to play with the math, if the topic interests you. Dive in — you’ll be amazed at the sights (with a little math humor thrown in).

I won’t claim to have understood it all.

For e.g. The multidimensional world which…

Pictures help when trying to understand slicing, especially when using negative indexes along with positive indexes.

String sample

String sample for the examples

1. str[:0:-1]

A few months back, Microsoft shared code for old photo restoration. The implementation was in pytorch.

I tried to use the code to restore some old damaged snaps. I found that not all old photos can be enhanced. Reasonably well defined blemishes and lines are handled well but diffused areas of damage don’t fare that as good.

Nevertheless it is a very impressive photo restoration using AI.

This is a step-by-step guide to using the code to restore your old photos using Google colab.

You need —

a. Gmail ID to run the colab notebook

b. Old photo (≤500 x…

Recently the story of the student who lost his seat in IIT due to inadvertently clicking the wrong link made headlines.

The story is sad and hopefully the Supreme Court will allow him to get a seat on humanitarian grounds. One of the assertions by IIT was that; withdrawal is a conscious two-step process. The student has to enter a reason for withdrawal. While I don’t know the UI(User Interface) for IIT — I wonder could the experience have been made better so such an error could not have easily happened ?

If you approach the UI design thinking that…

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